Hemorrhoids, polyps and anal fissures are few of the common health issues which are faced by most of the folks. Are you also suffering with the same and searching an apt treatment which can give you relief from your health condition? Experts of Vascular Care Center can provide excellent treatment giving a quick relief to the patient. Dr. G.V. Praveen is one of the most renowned surgeons who can serve you with most effective treatment. Our experts are well equipped with most advanced proctology units which allow us to serve our patients with the most effective and ultimate surgical laser treatment giving quick relief to the patients.

Surgeries provided by our experts:
• Villous adenoma
• Pilonidal cyst
• Anal fissure excision
• Acquired and congenital fistula and tumor
• Hemorrhoidectomy procedures
• Anal fissure and echtropion coagulation
• Anal stenosis ablation
• Condyloma
• Polyposis of colon

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