Know Your Vascular System

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Your vascular system consisting of the blood vessels (arteries and veins) is the lifeline that circulates blood throughout your body and helps it function properly. Without healthy blood flow, your vascular health and body functioning go for a toss. Problems with the blood vessels result in vascular diseases that need appropriate treatment on time; else they may lead to severe complications including death at times. If you have any vascular issues consult AVANI, the best provider of vascular treatment in Hyderabad.


Do You Know How Your Blood Vessels Work?

The vascular system is also referred to as the circulatory system and it comprises of blood vessels that carry blood and lymph fluid through the body. The blood vessels of the vascular system include –

  • Arteries – Arteries are muscular tubes lined by smooth tissue that carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the whole body. Aorta is the largest artery that branches into a network of smaller arteries that extend through the whole body.
  • Veins – Veins are elastic tubes that carry blood to the heart from throughout the body. Except for two veins (pulmonary and umbilical veins), they carry deoxygenated blood. They are less muscular compared to the arteries and are closer to the skin.
  • Capillaries – They are the smallest blood vessels that connect the smallest arteries to the smallest veins and play a key role in blood circulation.

Apart from circulating blood throughout the body, the blood vessels play a critical role in the functioning of various other systems in the body.

  • As blood flows through the lungs, oxygen is picked up and carbon dioxide is given up. This helps the respiratory system to expel carbon dioxide through the lungs and supply oxygen to the body tissues.
  • As the food is digested, when blood flows through the intestine, the blood vessels pick up nutrients that are then delivered to the body tissues.
  • As the blood flows through the kidneys, waste materials from the body are filtered out from the blood. The waste materials are then flushed out from the body in the form of urine.

The body’s temperature is regulated by the blood flow as heat is produced during various processes.


What Happens When Your Blood Vessels Don’t Function Properly?

Any kind of abnormal condition of the blood vessels, whether it is arteries or veins, results in vascular diseases. Although common, problems arising in the vast network of the vascular system can result in severe disability or death if not diagnosed and treated on time. Some of the more common vascular diseases are – aneurysm, blood clots, coronary artery disease, carotid artery disease, stroke, and varicose veins. Patients with these diseases need to consult the best vascular surgeon in Hyderabad for top-notch services that include accurate diagnosis, exceptional counseling for lifestyle changes, providing the right medications and performing a suitable procedure.


Can Vascular Diseases be Prevented and Treated?

You can prevent vascular diseases to a great extent by making –

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Quitting smoking and alcohol
  • Keeping your blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol under control

Avoiding sitting or standing for long periods.


In spite of taking preventing measures, if you are facing trouble with vascular diseases, you can find solace from the best Endovascular surgeon in Hyderabad at Vascular Care Center that offers exceptional treatment for various vascular diseases including peripheral vascular disease treatment and peripheral artery disease treatment in Hyderabad.


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