Varicose veins can be so painful but Endo-venous Laser Ablation can serve you with a greater relief. If you are also struggling with the same and searching for the best hospital then Vascular Care Center can serve you with the best treatment. Here we have the best professional to treat you; Dr. G.V.  Praveen Kumar is the one of the most renowned experts who is well equipped with latest technologies used for the treatment of varicose veins. Endovenous Laser Ablation is a nonsurgical method to remove varicose veins in which it is heated by laser rays. The abnormal veins are destroyed by heating it, in which dead tissues are destroyed.
This is one of the safest manners to remove varicose veins without any major side effect. All type of patients can undergo this type of treatment. EVLA is also an effective treatment for leg pain, venous ulcers, leg swelling, and restless leg syndrome. It is effectual, quick & minimally invasive cosmetic surgery treatment that uses radio frequency or laser energy, in specific dealing with unusually enlarged leg veins, a disorder called varicose veins & spider veins

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