Enlarged or dilated veins with clotted blood can result in Varicose veins due to which patients may experience severe pain and also a color change in affected body part. Frequently, varicose veins are seen in puffy & raised. Varicose Veins are most commonly seen in women, which generally occur in the lower legs. At vascular Care Center, we own an excellent team of professional and skilled doctors who are well equipped with the latest medical technologies and can serve you with the best and most effective treatment. Our experts first examine your legs and visible veins so as to choose the best way of treatment based on your health condition. Dr. G.V. Praveen Kumar is the experienced and knowledgeable health professional serve patients with the best and comprehensive consultation and treatment.

At Vascular Care Center our experts conduct ultrasound to determine blood flow in the patient’s body. This is a non-invasive test that utilizes high-frequency sound waves. If required, an angiogram can also be used to assess your veins further. At the time of angiogram, Dr.G.V. Praveen Kumar injects special dye into legs to take X-rays. Tests like an ultrasound or angiogram assist our experts to ensure that another disorder such as a blood clot or a blockage is not causing the pain & swelling in legs.


Diagnosis of varicose veins comprises of several steps, it includes physical examination and also ultra sound test to detect either there is a blood clot in the vein or not. These are noninvasive tests.

Varicose veins treatment

Vascular care center is one of the most renowned hospitals for varicose veins treatment in Hyderabad. Here we own an expertise team to provide effective and best treatment to all the patients. If the patient is at the prior stage of varicose veins then experts advise to treat it with exercise, weight loss, and self-care. Compression stockings are another way to treat your varicose veins it helps in compressing leg muscles and assist circulating blood properly. Additional treatments which are recommended by our experts are sclerotherapy, foam sclerotherapy of large veins, and laser treatment.

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