A number of folks are struggling with arms and leg pain but most of them are least bothered about the reason. If you are also struggling with the same then first you must know the reason which is affecting your body and leading it towards unbearable pain. To get clear information about your health issues you must get in touch with vascular surgeon in Hyderabad who will assist you with apt diagnosis and varicose veins treatment in Hyderabad. To know more about the disease and its treatment you have landed on the right page. Here we have accumulated appropriate information about varicose veins and its treatment after a lot of research and expert’s consultation.

What are varicose veins?

It is basically enlarged and swollen veins which appears blue or purple in color from your upper skin. When veins allow blood to flow in opposite direction it gets swollen and twisted too which results is aching and discomfort.

Few most popular varicose veins treatments in Hyderabad are as follows:

Physical exercise: In the initial stage of varicose veins most of the doctors recommend daily exercise which and a routine diet which helps you a lot to retain your healthy life. But it is only effective when the condition is least severe, or else you have to opt surgical method only.


With the name of surgery only most of the folks are scared and the main reason is pain which they think they have to go through during surgery and it’s after effects. But in case of varicose veins treatment in Hyderabad, experts treat you with the least invasive surgery under which they remove the blood clot if any or else close off the unwanted vein under general anesthesia. In such surgery patient are mostly able to return back to their home on the same day. Few most common surgeries used are ligation and stripping, sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, endovenous laser treatment, and so on.
If you are also struggling with the same then you must get in touch with the best vascular surgeon in Hyderabad and must know the best treatment for you to attain a healthy life.

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