Are you experiencing leg pain in the night hours or after any physical activity? Does your vein look like twisted and blue or purple in color from your upper skin? These all may be a symptom of varicose veins which are enlarged and swollen veins occurred due to flow of blood in the opposite direction. The reason behind this is abnormal mechanism of faulty valves. These days three out of every five folks are facing the same issue but most of them are not aware of such issue and are neglecting it. Are you also struggling with the same then you must consult a vascular surgeon in Hyderabad who will diagnose your health issues precisely and suggest you best varicose veins treatment in Hyderabad giving your healthy life back.

Varicose veins treatments which can give you relief are listed below:

If you are not experiencing any pain or uneasiness then treatment is not required but if the condition is severe then you must quickly consult an expert for the best and apt varicose veins treatment. Here are few treatments listed which are recommended by the best endovascular surgeons in Hyderabad.

Ligation and stripping:

This process is done by making two incisions on the either side of targeted vein and then it is pulled out with the help of thin and flexible wire which is penetrated deep into the vein and pulled out along. The procedure is too quick and also noninvasive which doesn’t require too much care and hospital stay.

Radiofrequency ablation:

It is similar to ligation procedure in which a catheter is inserted into the vein but the difference is made by the mechanism of this thin wire. This thin wire emits radiofrequency which dissolves the walls of targeted vein resulting in shutting down the effected vein.
To know more about various varicose veins treatment available you must consult an expert who will suggest you the best treatment based on your health condition after analyzing it properly.

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