Peripheral artery disease (P.A.D.) is a disorder in which plaque builds up in arteries that carry blood to head, limbs and organs. Plaque consists of fat, calcium, cholesterol, fibrous tissue, & other substances in the blood. When plaque builds in the body’s arteries, the situation is known as atherosclerosis. Over time, plaque can harden & narrow the arteries. This restricts  the oxygen rich blood flow to organs & other parts of your body. Peripheral artery disease affects the legs arteries, however it also affects the arteries that carry blood from heart to head, kidneys, armsand stomach.
At vascular care center, treatment for peripheral arterial disease, (PAD) initially focuses on healthy lifestyle changes. Patient may also need to take medicines to alleviate leg pain or to assist you manage other health issues. If lifestyle changes do not assist, or if your Peripheral Artery Disease becomes very bad, they need angioplasty / bypass surgery of leg arteries.

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